Fairy Magic

Fairy Magic from Playtech takes players to enchanted world of fairies and leprechauns. The slot game starts with an image of the fairy in her magical world from which the other symbols on the reels are taken. This image also highlights Collective Bonus feature. The Unicorn is wild symbol, the Tree House is scatter symbol and the Fairy is bonus symbol. The Leprechaun, the Flower, the Toadstool as well as the Squirrel are other symbols that enhance the theme. Symbols include high value card symbols from Ace to Nine as well. These are crafted in exquisite way that goes well with the theme.


X-Men are team of super heroes from the Marvel Movies. Playtech has brought these super heroes to reels. The X-Men are recruits of Professor Xavier and are so called as they possess the X-Gene that gives them super powers. In this slot game, the X-Men are Professor Xavier, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Storm as well as Cyclops. The X-Men are generally battling super villains of the Brotherhood of Mutants led by Magneto. The other super villains are Rogue, Mystique, Sabretooth as well as Juggernaut. WILD is wild symbol and the X-Men Logo is scatter symbol.

Love Potion

Love Potion is Valentine’s Day themed slot game from Microgaming. It takes players to the old times oncethere was etiquette in wooing. The styling of the symbols reflects charm of those days. The payline indicators are heart shaped and the game operating buttons are bottles of love potion. The Love Potion in ornate heart shaped bottle is the bonus symbol. The Carriage which transports the lovers to their liaison is scatter symbol. The Love Potion Logo is wild symbol. The Lady, the Gentleman as well as Cupid are the other thematic symbols. High value card symbols embellished with roses grace the reels too.

Vampire Vixen

Vampire Vixen owns a horror theme and the symbols on the reels reinforce this theme graphically. The Vixen is wild symbol and she is really frightening. The scatter symbol is haunted House with a full moon in the background and gravestones in the foreground. The other thematic symbols are the Wolf, Vial of blood as well as blood stained Brooch. The frightened Victim adds special touch. The remaining symbols are high value cards from Ace to Nine.

Fire Hawk

Fire Hawk from Vegas Technology is based on theme of American Indians. There are not too many slot games with this theme and therefore Fire Hawk offers refreshing newness. The reels are set in background of an Indian settlement in a desolate landscape under orange skies. The Chief is wild symbol and Fire Hawk is scatter symbol. The other symbols are Squaw, Headdress, Drum as well as Pipe. All the symbols are well crafted and authentically reflect the American Indian culture. The Fire Hawk symbol of the hawk with wings spread out above fire is awesome. The remaining symbols are high value card symbols from Ace to Nine.


Shaaark! owns a shark scare theme. It is unusual theme and is well executed. The reels are set in background of a beach. The frightened look on woman says it all. The symbols are crafted in cartoon caricature style, but manage to reflect the gravity of the situation. The wild symbol is Shark and the scattered symbol is shark Fin. The other symbols are Man on an inflated tube, frightened Seal, chewed up Surfboard, no swimming Sign as well as Number Plate from some boat. Presumably shark has caused a lot of damage. The remaining symbols are high value cards from Ace to Ten.


CashOccino is slot game from Microgaming. It features very unusual theme of coffee, but the theme has been beautifully conceived and implemented. The colors of coffee from creamy to dark brown pervade reels, especially the high value card symbols. The wild symbol is logo for a cup of coffee that is universally recognizable. It is set in a deep brown color. The scatter symbol has the same logo but it is set in gold. The other symbols are logos for various types of coffees. They include Cafe Latte, Mocha Swiss, Espresso, Americano as well as Bella Roma. The logos are designed in coat of arms style.

Stash of the Titans

Stash Of The Titans is online slot game based on Greek Mythology. The symbols on reels will delight those interested in Greek Mythology. Medusa the Gorgon with snakes for hair and who turned people to stone is scatter symbol. Perseus the hero who slew Medusa is seen astride the flying horse Pegasus. Then, it is avaiable a host of mythical creatures that include Hydra the many headed serpent, Cyclops the one eyed giant, Griffon with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion, Minotaur the man with the head of a bull, the half man half horse Centaur, the three headed dog Cerberus who guards Hades as well as the half man half goat Satyr. All symbols are crafted in cartoon caricature style.

Sugar Mama

Sugar Mama is a gender reversal of Sugar Daddy. But unlike Sugar Daddy who is older, Sugar Mama is young. The Sugar Mama online slot game conveys the wealthy as well as flamboyant lifestyles of certain single women. The symbols on reels describe this lifestyle. Heading the symbols is the blonde as well as sexy Sugar Mama. It is available her pedigreed pet Chihuahua, her stack of Credit Cards and Cash and the handsome waiter carrying the Champagne. The high value card symbols from Ace to Ten are crafted in platinum as well as encrusted with diamonds. The Sugar Mama Logo is wild symbol. The Gift Box and the Cash Register symbols offer scatter payouts as well as trigger bonus rounds.

Big Foot

Big Foot is based on camping theme but with a difference. Campers often tell tales of seeing giant footprints of some unknown creature in the wilderness. This legendary creature has come to be known as Big Foot. Big Foot is wild symbol and his Footprint is scatter symbol. The other thematic symbols are the Camper trying to establish radio contact, the beautiful Sunrise, the Campfire as well as the Road Sign. The high value card symbols are simple in style and in vivid colors. The reels are set in background of a beautiful green wilderness with the sun rising in the orange sky and footprints of Bigfoot along one side. During the free spins the background changes to a winter scene with the ground as well as trees covered by snow.

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